Connolly Audio

Scott Connolly, Location Sound Mixer and Boom Operator

Specializing in high quality location sound and sound effects recording for film, video, and broadcast.


What does a Production Sound Mixer do? 
A Production Sound Mixer is responsible for recording film/video production dialogue and some sound effects. He commands a crew consisting of one or more boom persons, a cable person and sometimes an equipment technician. The Sound Mixer will determine what mikes are used for every scene (or assign that responsibility to his boom person), he will operate the sound recorder, maintain the Sound Report, notify the director (or AD) of any sound problems, keep sound levels consistent, avoid distortion because of too high levels, watch for boom shadows, determine sound perspective after discussion with the director,  record "room tone", and of course most important provide a sound track with first-rate audio quality.


Want better audio on your project?

Then please take a look at this, "Letter from Sound Department". Created by the leading pro sound mixers, it has many tips and describes the role of the sound department very well.




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